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Jamal Ali Hussein Calls for Oldon’s release

Hargeisa (SD) Somaliland Politician Jamal Ali Hussein spoke against the lengthy and unjust imprisonment of journalist Abdimalik Muse Oldon, who he called his arrest unjust.

Jamal Ali Hussein said on a recent Facebook post that the country doesn’t have a reliable justice system, and people are often harassed and jailed, the politician was discussing Oldon’s lengthy jail term.

“Abdimalik and others we do not know tell us they didn’t get justice day and night, let’s re-evaluate ourselves for the sake of Ramadan, Allah doesn’t help a nation to succeed if it fails to tell each other the truth, Abdimalik has endured lots of punishment and God sees that.” Said Jamal Ali Hussein.

He continued: “Hadrawi and Abdi Qays, who have been in detention for a longer time, are the alive today and are honored among the community, and Oldon is just like them, he is in jail because he expressed his opinion,”

Jamal Ali Hussein highlighted numerous other crimes committed in the country that needed addressing instead of targeting someone who exercised his freedom of expression.

The Politician’s call to release Oldon follows similar calls from Amnesty international and other prominent Somaliland individuals.

Oldon is currently serving a three year sentence for allegedly insulting President Muse Bihi Abdi.

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