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Soldier dies in a shoutout in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – Sources in Bossaso confirmed to that Omar Mohamed Yusuf, a Puntland police officer, was killed this morning in the coastal city.

The gunmen attacked the soldier in Bossaso around 10:00 am this morning at the Qardho’s bus station, intending to send food to his mother who lives in Qardho.

The soldier and a group of six young men believed to be members of al-Shabaab or Daish terrorists exchanged gunfire for several minutes.

It is noteworthy, that during the shootout between the soldier and the armed group, no one came to the soldiers aid, it was later revealed that the soldier was shot eight times, leading to his death.

The unidentified gunmen who killed Omar Mohamed Yusuf in Bossaso today, took the his rifle and fled the scene.

The latest killing comes as the security situation deteriorates in Bossaso, where a series of killings have occurring in recent weeks.

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