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James Swan: It is “Critical” that the Somalia’s election be completed on time

Mogadishu (SD) – UN Special Representative for Somalia in a recent interview with AA said the completion of the election process on time was critical.

James Swan told the Anadolu Anadolu news agency, completing the elections on time, is a must in order to address the country’s needs, such as the humanitarian situation.

“Among core priorities at this time in Somalia, or moving ahead with elections, they’ve recently concluded an agreement that will permit that to proceed on a rapid timeline.” Swan told the AA.

Adding “In addition, there remain very serious security challenges, particularly as a consequence of the presence of Al-Shabaab terrorist organization in the country. But in addition, as you already raised the humanitarian needs are acute, and of course, we can’t lose sight of longer-term development objectives in the country,”.

He said they have been helping Somalia for years to hold inclusive elections “We’ve been very actively working over the past several years, to overcome an impasse, and communication between the federal government, and some federal member states. And that impasse really blocked progress on election planning on constitutional reform on the fight against al Shabab and so many other priorities” he told AA.

Swan told AA they are now satisfied with the progress made by the new PM “So we’re very pleased that in the past six weeks, the Prime Minister [of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble] has led a series of discussions with federal member state leaders, they agreed on the 27th of May, to a set of actions to implement the electoral process on a short timeline, and we’re actively supporting that,” he said

UN Special Representative James Swan warned that more than 20% of Somalia’s population is facing food shortages, and that nearly 6 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

James Swan’s remarks coincide with an expected meeting of Somali leaders tomorrow to finalize the electoral process.

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