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Journalist Busharo sentenced to a year but is out

Hargeisa August 15, 2023 (SD) – A court in the city of Hargeisa has sentenced journalist Bushara Mohamed Ali Bandey to one year in prison. Bushara Ali Mohamed, who holds British citizenship, was detained on May 15, 2024, by the police in the town of Wajaale, located on the border with Ethiopia. She was accused of spreading false information and disturbing the peace in Somaliland.

Her arrest was attributed to the outgoing President’s son Mohamed Muse Bihi, who reportedly admitted to two MPs having the journalist arrested.

This one-year sentence is considered retroactive, counting from the day of her arrest, and it’s possible that she may be released sooner.

Bushaara Mohamed Ali has previously worked with various Somali media outlets and has contributed articles and videos covering societal issues.

Local and international human rights organizations have strongly criticized the arrest and trial of Bushara Ali Mohamed, highlighting concerns about the freedom of expression and media freedom in Somaliland.

The Somaliland government has been urged to respect press freedom and to work towards creating an environment that supports open journalism.

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