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Jubaland MP arrested in Mandhera for for entering Kenya Illegally

Mandhera August 16, 2023 (SD) – News coming from the North Eastern province of Kenya reports that a member of the Jubaland State regional parliament, had been detained at the Mandera town prison.

The parliamentarian, named Yusuf Mohamed Gurhan, is reported to have been held the second night at the Mandera district headquarters.

Gurhan is said to have used a Kenyan identification card to facilitate his entry, which he had obtained through fraudulent means, the Standard newspaper reported.

Furthermore, the head of Kenya’s prosecution department, Gitari Muchira, spoke on the matter of the arrested parliamentarian, indicating that legal actions will be taken against him, and he will be prosecuted to ensure compliance with legal procedures.

Similarly, officials from the Beled Xaawo district administration, located on the border, discussed the parliamentarian’s case and expressed their hope that Yusuf Mohamed Gurhan will be released.

The parliamentarian’s issue has garnered significant attention within Kenya, and his case has been followed closely by the country’s media.

Additionally, Jubaland maintains a strong relationship with Kenya, given their shared borders and collaborative efforts on security matters, particularly in countering the Shabaab insurgency.

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