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Jubaland and the feds launch joint offensive against Al Shabaab

KISMAAYO (SD) – The president of Jubaland state Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) has today paid a visit to the Jubaland Darwiish forces in the area.

The purpose of the visit was to celebrate Eid with the troops in the front line who will not be celebrating Eid with their families due to their national duty.

“Days like today, we must remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country and our people to get peace and are in the cold and in the sun so that thousands of our people can sleep in peace,” he added.

The President said that the Federal Government of Somalia and Jubaland are collaborating in a joint operations to remove terrorists from the remaining areas in Jubaland.

“On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, today I visited the Jubaland Darwiish forces who are sacrificing their lives to defend the country and to protect the Somali people from terrorist plots,” said Ahmed Madobe.

The new government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his PM, who hails from Jubaland announced that they will launch a campaign against Al Shabaab.

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