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Jubaland: Darwish and Al Shabaab forces clash in Miido

Kismayo September 15,2022 (SD) – Darwish army forces of the Federal Regional State of Jubaland today attacked Al-Shabaab bases in Miido and Xarboole, part of Afmadow Districts, Lower-Juba region.

There have been reports that the battle that took place in Xarboole and Miido were very intense and that the death tolls and injuries are quite high. 

The latest reports say, that the areas are occupied and controlled by the Darwish forces of Jubaland Federal State, but there is no news regarding the official losses from both sides.  

This attack comes at a time Al-Shabaab has been attacking Jubbaland military bases and African Union ATMIS bases in the districts of Jubbaland Federal States  

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