Somali President promises to deracinate Al Shabaab

After President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud got in power the first message that he sent was that Al-Shabaab has to be deracinated. The president repeatedly said it more than once during his 3 month and above has been The Head of The Federal States of Somalia.

That message was so strong that immediately due to internal security uncooperative situations his administration was facing, and the long-postponed elections has put the country in a critical severe political division,  especially with in The Security Sector. Soon after many explosions, mortar shelling and attacks took place in The Capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, and its federal states, districts, regions and cities. And long 30 Hour Siege Attack on Hayat Hotel. Followed by 20 civilians that were killed by Al-Shabaab group who burned eight trucks carrying goods that belonged to the 20 dead civilians.

All these attacks created an unprecedented unity in Somalia in which soon after Somalia National Army got a huge local community force supports. That has led to an imminent planned joint operation with local communities in three Federal States, Regions, District’s and villages to rapidly Sweep Al-Shabaab Group, and Islamic Courts Settlements and their financial taxes locations to be all seized within a week. But Al-Shabaab felt it in advance what was coming as the group spokesman Abu Mansour held a press release conference throughout their affiliated media and has warned all community’s clan that joins the government’s army will be dealt as foreign troops present in Somalia, adding that they already have heard that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud government was having meeting with different tribe’s. Abu Mansour the group spokesman press released, revealed the mounting fear and concerns of Al-Shabaab.  

Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, governments Army backed up with local community forces supports gained and delivered the vastest operational centres grounds that used to be controlled and occupied by the extremist’s group in less than four months in office than his predecessor, former President Mohamed Abdillahi ‘Farmajo’ during his Six year’s Tenure.  

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