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Jubaland imposes orders on oil importers

KISMAYO (SD) – The Minister of Petroleum and Minerals of the Jubbaland State of Somalia has issued an order to oil traders in Kismayo, the capital of the Jubbaland state.

An statement from the Office of the Jubbaland Minister of Petroleum Ahmed Abdirizak Mohamed (HANDAL) informed the Kismayo Port Manager and traders that the ministry has banned importing barrels and liquids. Fuel can only be delivered to ships.

The minister added that the move is to protect public, property, and to prevent environmental hazards in the regional state.

The statement also said that the fuel imported to the Jubbaland State should be in line with the state’s planned quality standards.

Anyone who imports fuel in barrels or supplies low quality fuel will face fines and have their trade license revoked.

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