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Jubaland intends to relocate Garbaharey elections to El-Wak

KISMAYO (SD) – Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe is said to be planning to move the 16-seat lower house of parliament in the Gedo region to the town of El-wak near the Kenyan border.

The move violates the September 17, 2020 agreement, which stipulates that no major changes can be made to the electoral process.

There are reported preparations in El-wak for the 16-seat election previously scheduled for the Gedo capital, Garbaharey.

Jubaland ministers recently visited the town of El-wak to witness the construction of an election site at the city’s airport under the protection of Kenyan troops.

A committee appointed by Somalia’s prime minister to advise on the situation in the Garbaharey has recently been denied access,

The committee reported to the prime minister, saying it was “impossible” to hold elections in Garbaharey at this time.

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