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U.S. Congressman Scott Perry’s Somaliland recognition legislation is dead on arrival

WASHINGTON (SD) – Scott Perry, a member of the US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, has submitted a proposal to the House of Representatives seeking recognition for Somaliland as an independent country.

Perry, from Pennsylvania, USA, submitted the proposal directly to congress, and the House of Representatives are expected to vote on it.

Perry’s foreign affairs committee has also submitted a bill to the US Congress seeking diplomatic and security ties with Somaliland.

The move by US legislators to recognize Somaliland as an independent state follows a 10-day visit by President Muse Bihi Abdi to the United States. The impact of the Somaliland delegation’s meeting with Foreign Affairs Subcommittee is evident.

Somaliland is attempting to Ally itself with western countries, in which it expects to gain political, economic and security support. The President led a delegation of ministers, businessmen and scholars for the first time, with the aid of Heritage Foundation which plays a key role in the US foreign policy.

The proposal is said to be dead on arrival as there is no apatite for recognizing Somaliland at this moment. This is partly because the world unanimously believes that the African union and Somalis are better suited to sort out the Somalia and Somaliland case first and that the successive Kulmiye rule in Somaliland have eroded all the democratic and social gains made over the last three decades.

Furthermore, the move comes as the current Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi, now visiting the US is refusing to hold the presidential election on time, and has vowed to demolish the current national opposition parties in June, his reelection is slated for November 2022.

Somaliland has stated that it is focusing on international parliaments, which often are the decision makers of their countries’ policies. In the recent months there has been an increase in proposals from some of the world’s most powerful western countries seeking the recognition of Somaliland.

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