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Jubbaland holds elections of six Lower House seats

KISMAYO (SD) – Jubbaland state of southern Somalia has today held elections of six parliamentary seats barely three days after the chairperson of Somalia’s Federal Elections Implementation Team was sacked by the agency’s members.

Contested seats are HOP 82, 108, 113, 134, 203 and 217, according to the electoral Commission.

The first seat was contested by Hamse Abdi Barre and Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud.

Hamse emerged winner in the election after garnering 69 votes while his rival Mohamud got 17 votes. The electoral commission declared 15 votes invalid.

In the elections of second seat Abdirashid Jirre Qalinle, Jubbaland Finance minister won.

 He received 75 votes, while his rival contender Siyad Aden Idle won 20 votes, according to Jubaland SEIT. 

Hassan Abdi Ismail won the 3rd seat in the Lower House. He received 71 votes, while his rival Mohamed Farah Mohamed garnered 20 votes.

Ismail who served last parliament is known for whistle blowing in the parliament this year during a session to extend the mandate of president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

Mohamed Omar Ali (Ananug) has won the fourth while Maryan Aweys Jama wrested the fifth parliamentary seat whose election was today held in Kismayo.

Sahra Jama Ali was also today elected in Kismayo town.

The development comes amid the federal electoral commission broke into two following disagreement over the dismissal of FIET chairman, Mohamed Hassan Irro.

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