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Somaliland annual budget includes $ 1 million for homeless children

Hargeisa (SD) – The Minister of Finance of Somaliland, Dr. Saad Ali Shire, this week confirmed that $ 1 million was added to the national budget for homeless children.

The minister also pointed out that one million is not enough to cover their need, but is a good start.

He made the remarks while addressing the House of Representatives about the 20221 National Budget Estimates.

“Homeless children are suffering and are sleeping on the streets this winter, there are some that we are taking care of, And there are some that we have not yet helped. I think the government and the people have a responsibility to do that and we must do our best to help these young children.” Said the minister.

Adding “”The budget includes care for people in such a situation, close to one million, but does not cover all of them, so we need to work together.”

In Somaliland, lots orphans and some from poor rural families end up homeless in major cities, with meager assistance from the state.

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