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Jubbaland state to elect six new senators

KISMAYO (SD) – Jubbaland lawmaker will today elect the last six senators of the state ahead of commencement of the lower house elections in the Horn of African nation.

Out of the four seats up for contest today, two of them will be battled out by women only as part of the 30% women quota requirement.

Electoral Commission has announced the candidates running today for the six seats in the Upper House have made their pitch to the delegates yesterday.

The first seat will be contested by Layla Nuh Mah and Haredo Mohamed Sheikh.

The second seat will be contested by Ibrahim Awgab Osman and Farhiya Moalim Abdi.

Three candidates will contest the third seat, namely Maryan Farah Kadiye and Samsam Mohamed Bishar.

The fourth seat is sought after Hassan Dahir Yarow and Ali Mohamed Ali.

Jubaland was the first to elect senators on July 29 but went on a long break before resuming the exercise. 

Upon conclusion of today’s exercise, Galmudug will be the only state remaining to fill up all eight seats. The central Somalia state has elected six senators.

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