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Roble condemns Al-Shabaab’s burning donkey carts and food in Wajid

Mogadishu (SD) – Al Shabaab fighters have been accused of burning donkey carts carrying food to Wajid district in Bakol region, one of the areas besieged by Al Shabaab.

The militias ambushed the donkey carts on the outskirts of Wajid district, setting fire to the food carts and shot some of the donkeys.

Units of the 60th Division of the Somali military arrived at the scene to rescue the burnt donkeys, only to find the burnt vehicles and some of the donkeys dead.

Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble condemns Al-Shabaab’s burning of food and property belonging to Somali businessmen on the outskirts of Wajid district in Bakol region.

“This is an example of how this group has gone so far as to be ruthless and unsympathetic to people and animals, such acts have been going on for many years during the group’s siege of Wajid and other areas.”

Prime Minister Roble praised the Somali National Army for providing assistance to the victims, and called for unity in eradicating unscrupulous terrorist groups.

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