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Kenya: Al-Shabaab threatens Somalis voting in Presidential elections

WAJER (SD) – The people of the North-East region of Kenya flowed peacefully to the polling stations this morning while there are reports that attacks have taken place in some places where Al-Shabaab has threatened the voters.

Suspected Al-Shabaab fighters are believed to have attacked areas under Mandera yesterday, with reports that the group cut communications in the Arabiya area east of Mandera.

There are also reports that Al-Shabaab is preventing people from traveling to the eastern areas of Wajeer to vote.

People in the villages under the Wajeer district who did not give their names confirmed that the militants ordered the people in the car to get off and set the car on fire.

The locals added that Al-Shabaab militants warned the people of Wajeer districts not to cast votes.

Somalis in Kenya have been preparing for the presidential elections in the country for the last few days, despite heightened security concerns.

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