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The government of Somaliland starts hunting opposition leaders

HARGEISA (SD) – The Somaliland opposition party, Waddani, condemned the government forces arresting opposition officials in Hargeisa.

The General Secretary of the Waddani Party, Khadar Hussein Abdi, described the arrest of the three Waddani officials as illegal.

The officials of the Waddani party who were arrested today are the Secretary of Sports Yusuf Nuh Tadhase, the Governor of Marodijeh Mawlid Qaro and Mukhtar Mingiste.

The secretary said that on the same day that the government requested to meet with the leaders of the opposition parties, it started arresting opposition officials.

“Our message to them is, arrest all the people you can, fill up all the jails in Hargeisa, fill up Madheera, know that Siyad Barre could not keep the power by arresting everybody”. said Secretary Khadar Abdi.

The arrest follows the opposition parties announcement of commencing the prodemocracy rallies on August 11,2022.

The Somaliland government is yet to address the arrest of these Waddani Officials in Hargeisa today.

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