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Kenya amasses troops near border to pursue al-Shabab

NAIROBI (SD) – Kenya government have deployed security forces near Kenya-Somalia border to launch search and rescue mission for the three people reportedly kidnapped by al-Shabaab fighters.

The three people went missing last Monday after a vehicle they were travelling in together with two other police officers, hit by an explosive in Mandera county.

The attack which happened in an area between Banisa and Takaba town caused no casualties.

The two police officers from Nairobi were located some 10 kilometres into the bush and rescued.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Mr George Seda, Mandera County Police Commander said more security officers have been deployed with more advanced technology to search and rescue the victims.

“We are still searching for the three people who were abducted including the driver of the vehicle,” said Mr Seda.

The abducted people were identified as Mr Galogalo, Mr Oshe and Mr Jamal.

Since the beginning of this month, al-Shabaab fighters carried out six attacks in Mandera county, a move that forced the governor of the county, Ali Roba to send despite call for help.

Mandera has been facing al-Shabaab attacks since 2011 when Kenya sent its troops to Somalia to fight al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab militant group vowed to continue to attack Kenya till its troops exit Somalia.

Currently, Kenya has 3,800 troops in Somalia who work under the framework of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

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