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Kenya deploys troops to Somalia border, as fears of invasion grows

Beled Hawo (SD) – The federal Government of Somalia has issued a statement today expressing concern over the Kenyan military massing at the border between the two countries.

“The Federal Government of Somalia is closely monitoring the Kenyan military’s ongoing mobilization in the Mandera area, arming rebel groups they are illegally hosting in their country, in order to create instability in Somalia” said Somali Government’s statement.

The statement added “The Federal Government of Somalia has learned that Kenyan forces have deployed weapons and militias in Mandera to raid Beled Hawo and the Somali National Army bases in the area.”

The Somali Federal Government has warned the Kenyan Government against creating instability in the region.

“The Federal Government of Somalia warns the Kenyan government of actions that undermine the overall security of the Horn of Africa region, and reiterates reconsideration of Kenya’s blatant interference in Somalia’s internal affairs which could lead to instability.” Said the statement.

The Somali Government stated that its committed to defend Somalia’s independence “ The Federal Government of Somalia will take every step to ensure its political independence, territorial integrity and the protection of the dignity and honor of the people of the Federal Republic of Somalia.”

Kenya and Somalia’s diplomatic relationship have been deteriorating ever since Somalia accused its neighbor of interfering in their elections, with Kenya vehemently denying those accusations.

Somalia’s latest statement comes as IGAD country’s are meeting in Djibouti today to discuss the two country’s political dispute.

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