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Kenya on high alert after terror attack in Uganda

NAIROBI (SD) –  Kenya government has deployed thousands of forces in different towns of East African nation to avert immenent terror attacks.

The country’s police spokesperson, Mr. Bruno Shioso has confirmed that the government put its forces on high alerts.

Mr. Shioso said the police and anti-terror units directed to be vigilante to stop terror groups against conducting attacks in the strategic and major towns.

“We are aware and we have taken cognizance that our sister country (Uganda) was attacked, it is very unfortunate. As a country and as neighbours there is so much, we could have done about it and we are alert,” Mr. Shioso told Caoital FM. “We have taken all the measures that I cannot discuss for security reasons, they are very confidential. As we know in Kenya, we have some levels of leadership in terms of counter terrorism.”

He added that the government has boosted security along the border areas and secured all the critical infrastructure in efforts to prevent attacks in the country.

“I assure Kenyans that they are safe and that the security is very tight and we are on top of things, hence there is no cause for alarm,” he added.

Last Monday, bus explosion at Mpigi District in central Uganda has killed two people and wounded several others.

Ugandan police confirmed Tuesday that the Monday attack was staged by a jihadist from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group.

Kenya and Uganda have previously suffered deadly attacks carried out by Somalia based al-Shabaab militants.

Both countries are part of African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) troop conteibuting countries.

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