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UNHCR and Somaliland differ in what was discussed in their meeting today

Hargeisa (SD) – The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, met at the Presidential Palace with a delegation led by the UNHCR Special Representative for the Horn of Africa, Amb. Mohamed Abdi Affey.

Amb. Mohamed Abdi Affey was accompanied by various officials including the representative of the agency for Somalia, Magatte Guisse.

A statement from the Somaliland presidency said the two officials discussed issues related to helping refugees in Somaliland.

“The meeting discussed strengthening bilateral relations and issues related to refugees in Somaliland, which the government identified as hosting 14,000 refugees from the region and beyond.” The statement said.

Adding that “The role of UNHCR in the establishment of refugee camps and the long-term impact of the camps and the best way to prepare and maintain these camps, based on knowledge and experience.”

But in a statement posted on his Twitter account, UNHCR envoy Mohamed Abdi Affey said the meeting focused on the situation of refugees being displaced.

The Somaliland presidency said the two sides had set up a joint committee to discuss the issues.

“In conclusion, it was agreed that a technical committee from both sides be set up to discuss the best way to deal with the refugees.” The statement said.

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