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Kenya police rescue abducted Somali woman

NAIROBI (SD) – Kenyan police have rescued a Somali woman who was allegedly kidnapped by people in Nairobi’s Kamkunji neighbourhood.

A video emerged online this past week showing a 23-year-old woman, identified as Hafsa Mohammed Lukman covered on the face but with bruises. In the video, her kidnappers tell her to inform her sister to send money for her release.

CCTV footage from Eastleigh showed the woman in her shop on June 16. She has not been found yet and no public ransom demands have been made again.

According to the police, she was found abandoned and locked in a house in Matopeni area, Kayole.

Police took her to the local police station to record a statement before being taken to the hospital for check-up.

It is not clear why the kidnappers decided to abandon her there and leave but police said the scene was among those they had been focusing on.

Police and the family said no ransom was paid.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) also revealed that they had apprehended one suspect who is believed to part of the gang that had kidnapped Hafsa.

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