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Somalia unveils new electoral teams ahead of August

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has appointed federal and state-level electoral teams which will oversee the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Prime Minister’s Office published the names of the 46-member Federal Indirect Election Team and the Federal Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

The State Indirect Elections Team (SIET) for the Federal Member States comprises eight members while for Somaliland, its team has additional three members meaning 11 members serve in the Somaliland SIET.

The full list of the committees:


1.    Mohamed Muuse Mohamuud
2.    Mowliid Mataan Salaad
3.    Mohamed Hasan Mohamed
4.    Faadumo Mohamed Abdullaahi
5.    Abdiwel Mohamud Ilmi
6.    Abdirahiin Abdiasiis Adam
7.    Aasho Abuukar Qaasim
8.    Dr. Sadiyo Hasan Hussein
9.    Ali Hasan Ibraahim
10.    Saido Mohamed Mus’id
11.    Mohamed Adan Osman
12.    Faaduma Abdirisaaq Sheikh Iise
13.    Abdishakuur Daa’uud Mohamed
14.    Ahmed Mohamed Dagaal
15.    Abd ijabaar Abdullaahi Faarah
16.    Ali Mohamud Mohamed
17.    Yusuf Mohamed Kheyr
18.    Muse Geelle Yusuf
19.    Sa’id Abshir Ilmi
20.    Abdiasis Udan
21.    Haawa Haaji Mohamed Malindi
22.    Liibaan Ahmed Hasan
23.    Abdiaziz Abdiraman Yusuf
24.    Abdinaasir Mohamed Guled
25.    Mahad Omar Abdi


1.    Ahmed Said Samatar
2.    Mohamed Faarah Hirsi
3.    Ali Mohamuud Faarah (Ali Zeko)
4.    Nimo Ahmed Abdi
5.    Mohamed Aweys Mohamed
6.    Abdulqaadir Hussein Abdi
7.    Abdullaahi Abyan Nuur
8.    Hussein Laki Mohamed Mohamuud
9.    Saaqo Aadan Mohamed
10.    Mohamed Iise Haybe
11.    Adnaan Mohamed Abdalla
12.    Mohamed Ibrahim Barre
13.    Abdi Mohamed Sheikh
14.    Burhaan Ilmi Hirsi
15.    Yasmiin Mohamuud Abdi Haamud
16.    Warfaa Mohamed Jaamah
17.    Ahmed Yuusuf Mohamuud
18.    Ayaan Abdirahmaan Mohamud
19.    Mustafa Mahalin Ali Salaad
20.    Sahra Hasan Mohamud
21.    Mohamed Omar Mohamuud


1.    Ahmed Hasan Diini
2.    Haliimo Mohamed Osmaan
3.    Mohamed Hseen Eynte
4.    Hamdi Mohamuud Osmaan
5.    Yusuf Ali Mahad
6.    Hamdi lsaaq Hasan
7.    Abdi Sheikh Ali Salaad
8.    Abdira’uf Mohamed Abdiwali


1.    Yuusuf Abdulqaadir Mohamed
2.    Nuradiin lbraahim Adan Saney
3.    Abdulaahi Abdulmadalib lbraahim
4.    Shukri Haaji Aadan
5.    Hamdi Mohamed Omar
6.    Mohmed Mohamuud Mohamed
7.    Mohamed Abdulaahi lsaaq
8.    Farhiyo Mohamed Yuusuf


1.    Abdikariim Muuse Mohamuud
2.    Muuse Abdulqaadir Duale
3.    Ahmed Abdi Mohamuud
4.    Eynaanshe Yuusuf Husein
5.    Aydaruus Axmed Faarax
6.    Abdirisaaq Cabdulle Faarah
7.    Farhiya Husein Mohamuud
8.    Anab Haaji Salebaan Warsame


1.    Mahad Abdullahi Mohamud
2.    Mohamed Daahir Guuleed
3.    Abdirahmaan lsmaaiil Shire
4.    Mohamed Qaasim Mohamuud
5.    Yahye Osmaan Gedi
6.    Mohamed Ahmed Nuur
7.    Mohamed Abdirahmaan Abdullaahi
8.    Ansar Mohamed Rooble


1.    Siyaad Mohamed Mursal
1.    Abdiqadir Mohamud Dhaqane (Jaylani)
2.    Ahmed Abdi Nuur
3.    Samsam Faarah Abukar
4.    Mohamed Osmaan Gaab
5.    Ibraahim Aadan Ibraahim
6.    Ahmed Yuusuf Maxamed
7.    Abukar Nuur Abdi


1.    Khadar Hariir Husein
2.    Sundus lbraahim Ali
3.    Mohamed Ali Abdullaahi
4.    Mohamed Abdullaahi Jirde
5.    Suleybaa n Eydiid Osmaan
6.    Ahmed Hussein Isse
7.    Najiib Husein Samaale
8.    Abdishakuur Abiib Hayir
9.    Jaamah Omar Ali
10.    Sagal Abdullaahi Mohamed
11.    Amal Mustafe Muuse


1.    Abdullaahi Jaamah Hiirad
2.    Ahmed Mohamed Hussein
3.    Abdi Jaamah Hasan


1.    Abdullaahi Hasan Aadan
2.    Sa’id Sheikh Abdi Osmaan
3.    Mohamed Abdullahi Sheikh Hasan


1.    Aamino Abdullaahi Osmaan
2.    Abdisalam Mohamed Haji Ise
3.    Mohamed Mukhtar Ali.


1.    Mukhtaar Abdullaahi Artan
2.    Mohamed Asyr Abdulle.
3.    Salaad Hareed Ali

1.    Mohamed Hussein Mohamed
2.    Ahmed Hussein Shire
3.    Kamaal Salaad Hasan

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