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Kenya praises border security wall with Somalia

MANDERA (SD) – Kenya-Somalia border security wall has minimized al-Shabaab attacks along the border areas, government officials Tuesday.

The USD millions worth wall construction project was commenced in 2015 as part of efforts to create a buffer zone to tame rising cases of terrorism.

According to Kenyan officials who spoke The Star, a local newspaper based in Nairobi, wall has significantly improved the security of Mandera county apart from the Arabia-Kotulo stretch, which they termed volatile, unpredictable, challenging and ambiguous.

The exercise includes designated immigration and custom entry points with a two-foot-tall concrete barrier fitted with CCTV cameras started on both Lamu and Mandera stretches and is continuing amid resistance from some quarters.

Kenya launched Operation Linda Nchi on October 14, 2011 by sending its troops to Somalia to fight al-Shabaab fighters after gunmen seized tourists at the Coastal areas of the East Africa nation. 

A year later, Kenya’s troops joined African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) which help Somali government in the fight against the militants.

Kenya which has now over 4,500 soldiers in southern Somalia succeeded to liberate several towns including Kismayu from the militants.

Following the invasion by Kenya forces, al-Shabaab deployed hundreds of its fighters to reprisal attacks.

The militants killed unknown number of non-Muslim Kenyan in northeastern region, forcing hundreds of non-local teachers, doctors and government workers to flee the areas.

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