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Kenya to open additional diplomatic offices in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Kenya plans to open more diplomatic offices in Somaliland to serve it’s citizens in that country, according to a statement from the Kenyan Liaison office in Hargeisa.

Although it is not known when the offices will officially open to serve Kenyan citizens, the statement clearly supports Somaliland’s independence as it has declared Somaliland is a country.

“Kenya is pleased that there are many Kenyans living and working in Somaliland, and we are working to open a diplomatic office there,” the statement said.

“This will expand the offices of the two countries and provide Kenyans with access to government services,” the statement added.

The statement from Kenya’s liaison office in Hargeisa is a major diplomatic step. as Somaliland has not yet been given full international recognition.

A political delegations from Kenya have been visiting Hargeisa recently and others are expected to arrive therein the near future.

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