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Kenyan flights to Somaliland cleared

Nairobi (SD) – The Kenyan government has issued a permission on two flights to Hargeisa following a ban on all flights to Somalia.

Yesterday, the airlines received diplomatic clearance to deliver election materials to Hargeisa and the flight would go through Djibouti.

A MacDonnell Douglas DCC-9F and a Boeing B727-727F, both Kenyan registered, are permitted to deliver the material between May 13 and 15 with a possibility of extension should there be delays.

Somaliland, which has withdrawn from a union with Somalia in 1991, believes the flight ban should not affect it.

“Kindly note that the clearance is granted with a 72-hour window to cater for any delays,” the note from Kenya’s Foreign Ministry to the Somaliland Liaison Office said on Thursday.

Somaliland, the breakaway region insists on being independent of Somalia, is due to hold local and parliamentary elections on May 31 in a further signal of its growing democracy.

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