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Kheyre: “I have decided to set an example for the nation and resign.”

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre has announced his resignation at a late night press conference, after the speaker of parliament announced today that lawmakers have lost confidence in his government.

“I have decided to set an example for the Somali people and resign from my position.” Said Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Kheyre stressed that he recognizes that what happened today at parliament was illegal, but decided to resign to be an example for the Somali people.

“There is still an insistence on term extension, which is based on what happened in parliament today, which I have already warned against. I believe an extension could destabilize the country, but I remind the Somali people that the country must hold elections every four years,” said Hassan Ali Kheyre.

The PM resignation is doesn’t resolve all the electoral issues Farmajo’s government is facing, its not yet known whether the federal President will insist on term extensions or not.

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