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Kheyre returns home and speaks about the election

Mogadishu (SD) – Former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre, a candidates for the presidency of Somalia, has returned to Mogadishu today after a period of campaigning abroad.

Kheyre received a warm welcome and delivered a speech expressing his concern over the election issues in the country.

Hassan Ali Kheyre said in his speech that during his tenure he had made clear his views on the manner in which the elections should be held, believing that if the electoral system was not agreed upon, the resulting government would not be agreed upon.

He cited the crisis in the war-torn Ethiopia as an example, noting that the crisis in the neighboring country began with election issues.

“If there is no agreement on the electoral system and there is no consensus, there will be no agreement on the resulting government,” said Hassan Ali Kheyre.

“I am not just saying this now. It is what I said when I was in government. I warned that an extension is not allowed. I also warned that if there is no general election in the country, it could lead to anxiety.” Said Kheyre.

Opposition candidates including the former PM are expected to convene in Mogadishu in the coming days and issue a joint statement on their opposition to electoral commissions and the country’s current situation.

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