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King Burmadow: Muse Bihi has all the characteristic of dictatorship

Hargeisa (SD) – King Osman Mohamoud best known (Boqor Buurmadow) has taking his frustration to his social medial platform to criticise the president Muse Bihi latest outburst of threatening the traditional leaders of stepping out of line when some of them spoke out the country’s lack of political leadership about the future talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

Burmadow has described the president’s speech as having all the characteristic of dictatorship. Mr Bihi was intimidating the traditional leaders without properly following himself the spirit of the law of the land. Similarly, it was reported that the president is currently engaging of looting lands which are belonging to the most vulnerable people in the country.

Mr Bihi is threatening anyone who dear to speak out against his narrow minded policy towards Somalia says Sultan Mohamed. He went on and pointed out that “we will not be intimated and we will be determining to defend our people against what he had described a government that is looting the people of Somaliland”.

Finally, King Burmadow has pleaded to the people of Somaliland to mobilise against this hard-hearted and incompetent government in order to secure their freedom and dignity once for all.

BY: Abdi Adan

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