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Kulmiye MPs clash with opposition in Somaliland House of Representatives

HARGEISA (SD) – The Somaliland House of Representatives has today been rocked by a series of violent clashes between members of the Somaliland parliament.

The violence came after a heated debate erupted over the approval of the Association for the Opening of Associations before the House today.

The controversial commission has been criticized by some members for failing to meet its requirements, with opposition parties strongly criticizing their intention to disband the current registered national parties.

The lawmakers who fought today were not just divided along party lines, but the opposition MPs were targeted along tribal elegancies, a new low for the Kulmiye funded MPs and government.

The government of President Museveni wants to disband political parties and register new ones, but opposition parties have opposed it, preferring instead to hold presidential elections in November first, according to the law.

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