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UN Special Representative updates the Security Council on Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) – UN Special Representative Somalia James Swan briefed a UN Security Council meeting on Somalia’s latest developmwnts.

“The conclusion of Somalia’s electoral process last week is a major milestone for the country. The Presidential contest followed an unduly protracted and contentious process to choose members of the legislature.  Once the Senators and Members of Parliament were sworn in on 14 April 2022, however, they moved quickly to elect the Speaker and two Deputy Speakers in each chamber of parliament and then prepare  for the Presidential vote.” said the UN Representative.

Adding ” On 15 May 2022, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was elected Somalia’s tenth president by a decisive margin in a joint session of parliament that was peaceful, orderly, and respectful of the rules of procedure.  Outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ graciously conceded, and congratulated and extended support to his successor.  The new President was immediately sworn in and the outcome has been fully accepted.”

UN Special Representative James Swan reported on the country’s security situation.

“Somalia’s security situation remains highly volatile. Emboldened by domestic political tensions, Al-Shabaab in recent months maintained its modus operandi and focused attacks in Mogadishu, South West State and Hirshabelle. The spate of deadly incidents in March and April suggested an effort to disrupt the final phases of the electoral process.” Swan told the Security Council.

The top UN official in Somalia also spoke about the drought in Somalia, noting that the humanitarian situation in Somalia is deteriorating.

“The humanitarian situation in Somalia is worsening following the failure of a fourth consecutive rainy season. The number of people affected by the drought has risen to 6.1 million. The country faces a heightened risk of localized famine in six communities if food prices continue to rise and humanitarian assistance is not sustained.” said the UN Representative.

UN Special Representative for Somalia James Swan said he recently met with Somalia’s new President and got briefed on his priorities.

“We believe this is an appropriate list of initial priorities and look forward to learning more details as the new leadership takes charge and as a new Prime Minister and cabinet are named in the coming weeks. The entire UN system in Somalia is ready to work with the new Government in support of these shared goals.” Swan to the security Council.

The report by UN Special Representative to Somalia James Swan to the Security Council comes at a time of transition for the presidency.

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