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Kulmiye Party sets conditions on leadership candidates

Hargeisa (SD) – The chairman of the organizing committee of the Kulmiye party conference Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed (Xinif) said that any member can run for the top leadership of the party.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the Kulmiye party conference, also said that the party is a democratic party and the leadership positions are open to anyone who meets the requirements.

Chairman Abdikarim Xinif set out the conditions for those who is running for leadership of the party and they are:

  1. He must have been a member of the Kulmiye party for the last ten years and has been an active member of that party.
  2. He must not have ever resigned from the party before and return, or moved around.
  3. Candidates for the chairman and deputy chairman of the party must have resided in the country for the last two years.
  4. The candidate for the chairmanship of Kulmiye party shall pay one hundred and twenty nine million Somaliland shillings, and each member running for the post of first, second, third and fourth vice chairman shall pay eighty six million Somaliland shillings.

Other requirements for the party’s leadership include that the money must be submitted by September 5, the funds will not be refunded, and will be managed by the party congress. Candidates for the top leadership of the Kulmiye party are also required to submit their criminal records.

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