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Results of the Central Prison incident investigation released

Mogadishu (SD) – The committee tasked with investigating the recent incident at Mogadishu Central Prison confirmed that on August 08, 2020, weapons were smuggled inside the prison.

Also on August 10, 2020, ammunition were provided to Al Shabab inmates, allowing them to carry out attacks inside the prison.

The weapons smuggled into the prison included pistols and grenades, hidden in meats and a bags of lemons.

Twenty-seven people were arrested, including 12 prison guards, including high ranking officers, six civilians and nine inmates who took part in the attack inside the prison.

Arrested officers and probation officers, including the central prison commander and his deputy, are accused of facilitating the attack or neglecting their responsibility to ensure the safety of prisoners and the public.

The commission stated that since they concluded their investigation, the matter has been referred to the Armed Forces Prosecutor.

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