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Kulmiye party spokesman responds to Minister Dubbe over Borama arrest

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Minister of Information Osman Dubbe, in a released statement talked about a woman arrested by the Somaliland government after she wore the Somali flag in Borama.

Minister Dube said the flag is a symbol for the 33 million Somalis living in the Horn of Africa.

“ I want to mention Degan Mirash resident of Borama was jailed for the third time this week for raising the Somali national flag.”

On the other hand, Kulmiye party spokesman Abdinasir Muhumed Hassan Buni, said that Minister Dubbe should not concern himself with the girls arrested in Borama.

“If the girls in Borama are arrested or released, it doesn’t concern him.” Buni responded to the minister.

Buni said Minister Dubbe’s statement would not surprise the people of Somaliland.

There are also 35 girls arrested by the Muse Bihi government for wearing the Somali flag in Borama.

Buni’s response came after Somali Information Minister Dubbe said Degen Mirash, who was detained in Borama, deserved to be honored.

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