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Two killed in Beledweyne fighting

BELEDWEYNE (SD) – At least two people including a civilian have been killed and several others wounded after fighting between Somali forces and rebels escalated on Sunday in Beledweyne town of central Somalia.

According to locals, forces loyal to a military renegade general, Abukar Haji Warsame Hud stormed the town, prompting fierce fighting with HirShabelle forces backed by Somali military.

The fighting which lasted for more than an hour took place in Hawa Taako and Koshin neighbourhoods.

A resident who spoke to a local media confirmed death of a woman who hit by astray bullet in her house.

“We only know death of a woman but several people were reported to have been taken to the hospital after sustained injuries,” Mohamed Ali Adan said.

A fighter from General Hud’s faction has also been reportedly wounded, although this cannot be independently verified.

The situation is tense at the moment, with movement throughout the city disrupted.

The massing up of forces allied to Hud started last November when the new administration was installed in HirShabelle.

Hud and his faction are protesting the election of Ali Guudlaawe as the president of HirShabelle arguing his election violated clan power matrix which dictated a new president should have come from Hiiraan region.

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