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Kulmiye Waddani and UCID Certs expire

Hargeisa December 26, 2022 (SD) – The Committee for the Registration of Political Associations and the certification of National Parties announced that the party licenses of WADDANI, UCID, and Kulmiye have expired today.

The three parties were certified in the 2012 municipal elections. The national parties’ license expiration comes at a time when the term of the current President also ended last month.

As per Law 14, the political organizations can only participate in regional council elections while the three national parties can participate in the elections of the House of Representatives and that of the President and his deputy.

Somaliland is facing unrest due to the outgoing President’s refusal to hold the pending presidential elections and opted in registering new political associations, thus possibly plugging the relatively peaceful enclave into chaos.

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