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Laascaanood calm in the hands of local militias

Lasanod January 05, 2023 (SD) – The situation in the city of Laascaanood is calm today after local militias, who oppose the presence of Somaliland, took control of the city last night.

A fierce battle that took place in Laascaanood last night forced Somaliland’s troops to withdraw from the city, although they are still present in its suburbs.

Many people are fleeing the city this morning out of fear of the fighting. There have been an unknown number of deaths and injuries as a result of the fighting in Laascaanood last night.

The fighting last night was triggered by the killing of a local person by Somaliland’s troops last night. This led to militias of various clans attacking Somaliland’s military positions in Laascaanood.

The leaders of the militias that have taken control of Laascaanood have restored internet services in the city. A military officer representing the Somaliland military forces in the Sool region who spoke to the media confirmed that the military withdrew from the city to avoid further casualties.

The military officer expressed their regret for the killing of Mohamed Ali Saddle, a member of the Laascaanood community, by the military, adding that the killing was not intentional.

Laascaanood has been in a state of rebellion for two weeks, with more than 30 people killed in the ongoing clashes

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