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Somalia and UAE sign Military cooperation agreement

Dubai January 05, 2023 (SD) -Somalia’s Minister of Defense, Abdikadir Mohamed Nuur, currently in the United Arab Emirates, has signed a cooperation agreement with his counterpart in Abu Dhabi. The agreement is said to be a military, security, and anti-terrorism cooperation.

‘We have signed a cooperation agreement today with our brothers, the United Arab Emirates, in the areas of military, security, and anti-terrorism,’ said the minister in a social media post.

‘This agreement reflects the longstanding relationship between our two countries and embodies the independence, sovereignty, and mutual interests of our two brotherly nations.

This agreement will enhance the defense capabilities of the Somali nation and will significantly contribute to the fight against terrorism in Somalia,’ the minister also said.

Relations between Somalia and the United Arab Emirates had deteriorated during the tenure of President Farmaajo, but have improved since President Hassan Sheikh took office.

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