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Laascaanood Elders: No Deal with Somaliland

Lasanod January 11, 2023 (SD) Some traditional leaders and officials from the Somaliland government met in the city of Laascaanood to discuss the recent killing of several people by Somaliland forces.

The traditional leaders who spoke to the media after their meeting stated that they only met with the ministers to discuss the case of one of the city’s residents who had been shot by the military a few days earlier.

The traditional leaders also reported that they support the statement of the local leaders of the Sool region who called for the withdrawal of Somaliland forces from the region.

The traditional leaders and community elders in the region are advocating for the removal of Somaliland forces from the region and for the creation of a separate administration for Sool and neighboring areas under the control of the Somali government.

The Somaliland government is also trying to establish control, stability, and security in the region, which has recently seen increased unrest.

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