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Laftagareen calls for more efforts to hold universal suffrage in Somalia

BAIDOA (SD) – Somalia has not yet achieved its targeted elections but the current ongoing electoral process is better than none, Southwest state, President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen.

During a ceremony held for the eight elect senators who will represent the state in 11th federal parliament, Laftagareen urged federal and regional leaders to work hand in hand to make the country reach its goals.

He expressed concern over the manner in which the ongoing Upper House elections are conducted.

The leader urged the senators to work for the good of the country and Southwest Region.

“When you look at the senators, how they came out, how they were elected and how they are now, it is divine wisdom, God has guided us, they are equal in knowledge, the youth and women were considered,”said Laftagareen.

South West State joined Puntland as the second state to conclude senate elections picking the last three senators last Sunday.

Among those elected were Federal Defence Minister Hassan Haji Hussein, who beat his opponent Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi garnering 74-14 seats.

Former Banaadir regional court judge Ali Sheikh Ga’al was the second to be elected in the vote.

He got 68 votes while his opponent Abdikadir Abdi Ahmed trailed with 22 votes. Abdiweli Mohamed Ibrahim was the third senator to be elected, getting 68 votes, while his opponent Abdullahi Robow Mohamed trailed with 18 votes. Ibrahim became the 8th Senator to be elected for South West state.

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