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Federal Election Implementation Committee issues parliamentary election procedures

Mogadishu (SD) – Federal Election Implementation Committee has today released the Procedures and Criteria for the 2020/2021 Somalia’s Parliamentary Election Process.

Parliamentary election procedure developed by the Federal Electoral Commission gives most of the powers to the commission.

Electoral delegates will be selected by a selection committee consisting of traditional elders and civil society representatives from the community or the sub-clans sharing the seat, according to the new guidelines.

According to the electoral procedures, the selection of the Somaliland delegation will be shared, which has been the subject of repeated controversy in recent times.

The procedure also stipulates that the five members who select the delegates will be appointed by the highest-ranking traditional elder or sub-clan, in consultation with the community elders.

The commission has announced that the registration fee for candidates for the House of Representatives will be $ 10,000 for men and $ 5,000 for women candidates.

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