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Las Anod: a young man Introduces New Type of Service in that City

La Anod (SD) – Saleban Yusuf Abdi, a young man living in Las Anod, the capital of Sool region in Somaliland, has created a new type of job in that town.

The young man developed a car washing machine mounted on his back, washing cars in various parts of that city.

Speaking to local media, Saleban Yusuf Abdi said he and two other boys were currently earning a living using the invention.

“I am a professional mobile car washer. I use this portable car washing machine i carry on my back, we wash cars and go everywhere and make a living.” said Saleban.

Adding “We are three guys and we make good money from it, we will do more and earn more, God willing, and we will go to wherever our customers are and we will do the work for them.”

Meanwhile, some of the customers he serves on a daily basis praised Saleban and his friends for providing a reliable car wash service.

Saleban Yusuf Abdi also urged the youth to get up and work, noting that they will not earn any living by being loafers.

“When I saw lots of unemployed youths, I dared to try to create a job that the rest of the community didn’t know existed, namely, making a portable car wash, and I succeeded.” Saleban said.

Adding “I say to the youth, instead of migrating or posing on the walls, there are many jobs in the region. Everyone has a skill, and intelligence, use it, get off the walls and work, this is your hometown.”

In Somaliland, widespread unemployment has severely affected young people, partly due to Somaliland not been recognized as a country for the past three decades.

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