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Las Anod Mayor: Somaliland forces looted civilian homes

Las Anod Mar 02, 2023 (SD) – The mayor of Laascaanood district in the Sool region, Abdirahman Ali Ismail, today released an official report on the damage caused by the conflict in Las Anod.

The mayor, speaking at a press conference alongside council members in Las Anod, confirmed that 210 people were killed in the fighting and 680 others were injured while displacing around 200,000 families.

Mayor. Ismail also said that 715 houses had been destroyed in the conflict, affecting around 16,000 businesses in the city. The mayor added that government offices including the main hospital in Las Anod had been damaged and that the Somaliland military had looted some homes in the city.

The mayor of Las Anod also appealed to all Somaliland forces and other armed groups to vacate the city so that residents could get the help they need. The mayor also dismissed that Puntland forces were fighting against the Somaliland forces in Las Anod.

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