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Las Anod residents and their properties to be registered, following a large deportations

Las Anod (SD) – The local government of Las Anod district, in Somaliland has launched a campaign to register all the houses in the 27 neighborhoods of the city, and it’s residents.

Las Anod Mayor Abdirahman Ali Ismail, who spoke to the media, said the move would improve the districts security.

“We will register all the houses in Las Anod district, and we will write down the complete details of each house, who owns the house, if the owner is not there who is representing them and who lives in the house ”said mayor Abdirahman Ismail.

Las Anod residents has recently witnessed the deportation of a large number of Somali refugees.

The registration is believed to be part of the ongoing efforts by the Somaliland government and the Las Anod district administration to ensure security in the city and the Sool region in general, which has seen a spate of assassinations in recent years.

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