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Las Anod To Implement 20 New Developmental Projects

Las Anod (SD) – Las Anod Mayor Abdirahman Ali Ismail announced that 20 new development projects will be implemented in Las Anod in this year.

The mayor said that they plan to complete these 20 different projects that are important for the community in Las Anod this year.

Abdirahman Ali Ismail, made the announcement at the fourth session of the Las Anod district council, which concluded yesterday.

The three-day session at the Las Anod Municipal Town Hall signed off on the new 20 development projects to be implemented by the Las Anod Municipality in 2022.

“We have approved and adopted in this session, 20 projects, which will be of great benefit to the community in Las Anod. We have unanimously approved those 20 projects to be implemented in Las Anod district in 2022.” The Mayor said afterwards.

The mayor said the projects include, expansion and rehabilitation of the main road in Las Anod, construction of the vegetable market, greenery and beauty of the city, implementation of neighborhood signs, construction of a police station in Toocil, and establishing tax offices in the city’s suburbs.

The three day session closed yesterday and was chaired by Las Anod Mayor Abdirahman Ali Ismail, along with Las Anod Deputy Mayor Ahmed Kawte and the city’s councillors.

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