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Minister Keyd: Somaliland doesn’t need recognition from Somalia

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Isse Mohamud Kayd said the Somali government was never serious or committed to concluding the talks between Somaliland and Somalia, and therefore were suspending the talks.

In an interview with VOA Somali Service, Minister Kayd said the talks had failed and are stopped.

“The dialogue started in 2012, and so far have not been fruitful. Various conferences have taken place in different countries”. said Minister Kayd. Adding “We are suspending the talks as the Somalia government are not ready to compromise.”

Somaliland’s foreign minister, meanwhile, said the government did not need any recognition from Somalia.

“The Somaliland government does not need any recognition from Somalia, we have been independent for the last 30 years,” said Minister Kayd.

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Issa Kayd Mohamud spoke to VOA about other issues, including Ethiopia, the port of Zeila, Taiwan-Somaliland relations and the recent debate in the UK Parliament on Somaliland’s recognition.

Talks between the Somali government and Somaliland, have so far failed to make significant progress, with Somaliland repeatedly accusing the Somali government of violating previous agreements.

The Minister’s remarks come just days after a debate in the UK Parliament on Somaliland’s quest for recognition.

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