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Lasanod conference opens with a fan fair

Lasanod January 28, 2023 (SD) The self-determination conference of Sool, Sanaag, and Eyn regions (SSC) was officially opened on Saturday in Lasanod, the capital of Sool region.

The conference, which has been in preparation for the past few weeks, will reportedly focus on the future of Laascaanood and how the Somaliland military can withdraw from the city and allow residents to establish their own self-governing administration.

The conference is attended by the traditional leaders of the Sool, Sanaag, and Ceyn regions, as well as various segments of society, and will discuss how to shape the future of these regions.

The traditional leaders in Laascaanood reject being a part of the Somaliland administration, which has controlled the city for the past 15 years. T

he conference is a result of the uprising by the citizens of Laascaanood, who were outraged by the arbitrary killings of local leaders in the city, leading to large-scale protests.

The security in Laascaanood has been greatly strengthened for the three-day conference.

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