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President Hassan: Somalia alone in fighting Al Shabaab

January 27, 2023 (SD) -The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Xasan Sheikh Mohamud, has said that when the fight against Al-Shabaab began, it was not supported by most Somalis and the international community.

However, the operation was successful in removing Al-Shabaab from many areas. President Xasan stated that the operation was carried out by the Somalis alone and that the courage of the Somali people led to the capture of most of the areas that Al-Shabaab had controlled in the country’s regions.

He also called for increasing meetings to bring together different sectors of society to collaborate on the country’s progress.

President Xasan Sheikh Mohamud made these remarks during a dinner he hosted for Somali religious leaders who had just concluded a three-day conference in Mogadishu.

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