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Leader of Somali regional state vows to defend Addis

JIGJIGA (SD) –  Authorities in Somali regional state of Ethiopia have vowed to send troops to Ethiopia’s capital from the rebel groups amid reports claimed Addis Ababa is on the edge to fall to Tigray people’s Liberation Front.

During a meeting with civil society members, the state’s president, Mustafa Omer Agjar has confirmed his government’s plan to protect the region and Addis Ababa at all cost.

“If you hear that TPLF has taken over Addis Ababa, you will also hear those Somali Special forces (liyuu) will be fighting against TPLF in Addis Ababa. We will protect our region and people at all costs,” Omer said.

Agjar boasted that the region has enought forces to face TPLF fighters, saying his administration will never accept the rebel to take over the control of the Ethiopian government.

The development comes days after the government led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared a state of emergency after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front took over the towns of Dessie and Kombolcha.

The rebel threatened to move on the capital, Addis Ababa. 

The government also asked citizens to arm themselves in order to fight against the Tigrayan army if they make it into Addis Ababa.

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