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Madobe lines up new cabinet

KISMAYO (SD) – The president of Jubbaland state in southerly end of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Madobe has finally announced his cabinet after months long stand off with local politicians and clans in the state.

Madobe who has been interlocked horns with the federal government over his legitimacy since 2019 has formed council of ministers with the line up showing only one full minister for state’s women, a move condemned by rights group who struggle to secure sizable slice cake for women.

According to the line up, the leader chose his 50 cabinet members from both opponents and allies.

Among the list is Abdikadir Seerar, once an opponent and rival candidate of Madobe during last election. Seerar was tasked to lead education ministry.

The list also shows some individuals who retained their posts. Mohamed Warsame Darwish who previously served as interior minister will be leading the portfolio.

The announcement of the ministers comes as the two year interim rule for Madobe which was announced by the Federal government is about to lapse next August.

Last June Villa Somalia which dismissed the election of Madobe announced to recognise the leader for only two year in which is required to hold elections.

It is not yet clear whether Modobe who is critic to the current federal administration will heed the directive.

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